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Considerations When Shrink Wrapping for Business

When you are running a business, your products, merchandise, and stock are crucial to your success. Even when your items are not on display to potential customers, they need to be kept safe and in pristine condition.

Industrial grade shrink wrap could be the best way to preserve your commercial enterprise’s products. The material offers optimal coverage for items both in transit and in storage. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc., a shrink wrap services company serving clients nationwide, lists questions that you should consider when you intend to hire product protection professionals.

commercial shrink wrap protection

Shrink Wrapping for Commercial Clients

What Size and Shape is Your Item?

Whether you hope to protect a collection of small objects or one large item the size of a boat, shrink wrap can effectively cover and shield your business’s products. The polyethylene plastic shrinks when heated, creating an airtight seal around the item, no matter its size or shape.

Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced. They will know the appropriate amount of plastic to use for your project to provide ideal coverage without wasting material.

If your object features sharp angles or edges, our experts can determine a way to ensure our durable shrink wrap can protect it without damage. It requires skill to apply heat to the plastic without harming the item it will cover. You should trust this process to professionals.

Are You Storing or Transporting Your Items?

Shrink wrap preserves items intended for storage in both indoor or outdoor facilities. It can also shield objects that will be transported or shipped. The product offers protection from harsh weather environments, dirt and debris, and other external threats.

Though shrink wrap serves as strong and reliable protection for a variety of uses, you should still contact a professional to discuss the details of your project. When our representatives understand the intention of how our product will be utilized, we can complete a job with a personalized touch and according to the unique goals of your business.

Do You Need Our Professionals to Come to Your Facility?

In many cases, your company’s product requires shrink wrap protection before it leaves its current location. For this reason, our team of professionals will come to your place of business to complete a shrink wrapping job.

We can give your product the coverage it needs at your convenience and on your property. If your company works at a secure facility, we have staff that holds clearances and specialized training that can suit the needs of the military, energy sectors, and other fields.

Commercial Shrink Wrap Services and More

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. offers services for commercial, industrial, military, energy sector, and marine customers throughout the United States. Our team can visit your business and evaluate and complete a job to the highest standard, whether you intend to store or transport your items. To speak to a representative about your project, contact our office by phone at 410.376.7052 or reach a member of our staff online.