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What are Bullet Wraps?

It’s important to make sure your prized possessions are protected when you’re moving. While it’s fairly easy to protect things like your nice set of china or your child’s soccer trophies, something like your boat may be a little harder. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. discusses boat shrink wrap and how bullet wraps can be essential for moving your larger possessions.boat shrink wrapping in the United States

Marine Bullet Wraps

Marine bullet wraps are a specific type of shrink wrap that’s used when boats are going to be towed on the road. When the boat is going to be out in the wind and exposed to elements, it’s important that it’s wrapped specifically to minimize wind resistance. The goal is to make sure the boat is as aerodynamic as possible for travel.

Bullet wraps utilize strapping, but no prop system. We use thicker and stronger shrink wrapping materials for bullet wraps as we do with our commercial wraps. This is to help combat the wind when you’re out on the highway towing your boat.

Correct Materials for Marine Wraps

When we’re providing boat shrink wrap, we make sure that we’re using the best materials to protect your investment. If your boat is going to be stored outside, we can install support systems to handle the weight of heavy ice and snow. We design these to encourage water to roll off and away from your boat.

We can also make sure that your wrap offers UV protection as well if it’s going to be outside. Our wraps provide ventilation to ensure that the boat is ventilated properly. Lastly, we bring the wrap down as far as possible. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping wants to make sure that we protect as much of your boat as we can.

Consider BioShrink Shrink Wrap

For an extra level of protection, our BioShrink shrink wrap can give you that. This antimicrobial material helps prevent mold and mildew from developing when your boat is in storage. It’s resistant to microorganisms developing under it. When you go to unwrap your boat for the summer, you don’t have to worry about finding any unpleasant surprises.

This product is patented and the first of its kind. Committed to environmental safety, BioShrink shrink wrap is also eco-friendly and won’t cause any issues to natural surroundings. It can be heat-shrunk, too, making sure the shrink wrap fits tightly around your vessel.

Boat Shrink Wrap From Atlantic Shrink Wrapping

Do you need assistance making sure your boat is stowed properly for the winter months? Call us today or contact us online to get experienced shrink wrappers on the job.