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How Can Shrink Wrap Help Save A Historical Site?

Washington DC shrink wrapping

Do you ever wonder what happens to a historic building or a historical piece that is on public display?

Well, just like anything else in the world, even the historic sites need to be restored or repaired.

Some of these historic sites are buildings, or so large they can not be transported from their location to be properly restored and or repaired. This is where shrink wrap can come into the equation, and help save any historical site whether it be a piece of art, the liberty bell, or even the colosseum, we are going to explain how to shrink wrap can get the job done.

Water Tight

A commercial shrink wrap is an excellent option due to it being waterproof. No matter the size of the project, we can shrink wrap it, and your historical project will be protected against the elements, such as water, snow, and even condensation. For any type of restoration project, it may not be something that you can restore overnight, and it may need to be preserved with shrink wrap until it is time to restore your project. Another scenario may be that your project may not be restorable until a certain time of the year and may need to be protected against condensation.


Vandalism may be unfortunate, but it does happen, and let’s say that somebody decides to vandalize a historic site with something that is vulgar and should not to be seen by tourists. Atlantic shrink wrap can also take care of this by shrink wrapping the site, making the vandalism not visible to the public. Then once the time comes to remove the vandalism from the site, perhaps at nighttime, remove the wrap, and take care of the destruction.

No Limitations

There is literally no limitations when it comes to shrink wrapping, as we can even shrink wrap the Golden Gate bridge if it needed to be done. There is literally no limitations to what we can preserve with shrink wrap and the staff here at Atlantic Shrink Wrap.


If you manage any historical sites that have sustained damage or vandalism and would like to learn more about how we can help preserve your historic site, contact Atlantic Shrink Wrap Inc. online or call 410.376.7052 for a free quote today.