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Shrink Wrap Equipment for TransportPlastic is everywhere. It contains our food in packages, makes up parts of the interiors and exteriors of our vehicles and holds our banking data in our wallets. In today’s world, purchasing a household product that has been packaged in plastic is commonplace. Consumers trust that the plastic containers are an effective and clean method of storing the products we buy and use.

Industrial shrink wrapping is this same process taken to an entirely different level. Industrial shrink wrapping is used to protect larger objects during shipping, storage or from the elements in general. These large objects can be anything; helicopters, motorboats, industrial equipment or even entire buildings.

The shrink wrap we use at Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. is made of polyethylene plastic and is specially formulated to shrink when heat is applied, enclosing and protecting our clients’ assets. Polyethylene shrink wrap is also flame retardant, which aides both in the wrapping process as well as being an added factor of protection for the product being wrapped. The concept put simply is: Wrap the object in plastic. Then, heat the plastic, causing it to shrink and mold itself around the curves and edges of the object for a neat, tight fit.

While wrapping large objects may seem impractical, the benefits can be substantial. Let us consider shrink wrapping the construction site of a new building, for example. While this would obviously be a large project, it would protect the site from inclement weather, allowing workers to continue working regardless of the elements. Also, the thick plastic layer aides in noise reduction, something that would definitely be beneficial for a busy construction site. For maritime businesses, shrink wrapping a boat helps prevent mildew growth, preserving your investment from corrosion. Shrink wrapping industrial equipment can allow the equipment to be stored in an unconditioned storage environment such as an unheated or unventilated shed, which can create a savings in storage costs over time.

If done improperly, installation of industrial shrink wrap can damage the object being wrapped. Water could be trapped in with the object, allowing for condensation and water damage. The plastic shrink wrap can sometimes too tightly constrict, damaging the object within. It’s best to contact a professional industrial wrapping company like Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. when considering shrink wrapping an object. ASI can help assess the object in question, the risks and benefits of wrapping, and perform a professional grade installation of the shrink wrap.


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