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Protect Your Boat Over the Winter

Protect Your Boat Over the WinterWinter is coming! As the boating season comes to an end and the winter season, when boats need to be put up in storage, approaches, shrink wrapping could be a very good option to ensure the condition of your boat. As any captain knows, the weather is the biggest enemy of any boat, as it can cause many different kinds of damage if you’re not careful.  An improperly stored boat can cause you to miss out on sailing the following season due to repairs needed when the boat comes out of storage. repairing the boat instead of using it. Boats that are not carefully stored and protected could be exposed to this weather, something that can cut a boat’s life span dramatically.

The goal of the shrink wrapping is to provide a plastic surface between your boat and all the rain, snow, hail, and ice of the winter months. These elements, that can be so harmful to a wooden boat, will have no effect at all on the plastic wrapping or the boat sealed safely inside.  This saves times in repairs and getting the boat ready to sail the next season, and also gives you a comforting piece-of-mind all winter long, knowing that your boat is protected for the winter.

Marine Shrink Wrapping can only be done once the boat is winterized. Once the shrink wrapping is installed there will not be easy access and opening the shrink wrap will destroy the integrity of your boat’s protection  Captains should make sure their water lines and piping are all properly prepared for winter prior the wrapping process. The goal is to have water, snow and ice run right off the plastic with no place to leak inside.

Protection from the harsh weather and extreme is maximized by bringing the shrink wrapping down along the sides of the boat. The wrap should cover as much of the boat as possible to keep all joints, paint and systems clean, dry and in working order.

Although shrink wrap provides protection from the effects of precipitation, perhaps the most damaging element that a shrink wrap offers protection from is the sun. Ultraviolet rays can quickly turn the fiberglass on your boat brittle, as well as fading the leather. Shrink wrap protects your vessel from the this hazard as well.  

Many people swear by covering their vessels with tarps over the winter. However, tarps can also become brittle under the sun and if they are not properly installed they can sag, allowing moisture to pool and eventually leak in. Only shrink wraps provide a watertight covering that will keep out the wind, snow, rain and rays of the sun. The interior and exterior will be protected, making the investment in annual shrink wrapping a worthwhile one and Atlantic Shrink Wrapping INC would like help. Call 410.376.7052 or contact us online about a shrink wrapping project today!