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New Clients (410) 376-7052

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How To Get Started

Shrink wrap for shipment and storageDeciding whether or not your project needs to be shrink wrapped may feel overwhelming if you have never done it before. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. is a mobile shrink wrap company headquartered in Glen Burnie, MD. Our professional, courteous and highly skilled team will help make your first time shrink wrapping project streamlined and efficient while producing quality results.

“ASI has a 100% success rate on every commercial shrink wrap we have EVER installed! We have never had a failure!”

Questions To Ask Yourself

Our team recommends looking through this list of questions before calling our staff. Answer as many as you can to help make the process a little easier. If you do not know some of the answers, do not worry, our team is here to help.

  1. What is the shrink wrap tasked to do? Protect the item from the top down or encapsulate and seal the item completely?
  2. What kinds of weather conditions will the item face during its trip?
  3. What kind of padding will be required to protect both the item and the shrink wrap?
  4. What kind of shrink wrap is necessary?
  5. What size plastic and what thickness will be required?
  6. Does the item require desiccant inside the wrap to collect any interior moisture?
  7. Does the item need to be vented?
  8. Does the item require Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors to fight surface rust and corrosion?
  9. Will the item be moved from one shipping trailer to another?
  10. Will the item need lifting points left exposed?
  11. Will access to the inside of the shrink wrap be required?

Taking The First Step

Once you are ready to find out how shrink wrapping can help maintain the integrity and value of your boat or other valuable equipment, contact our Glen Burnie shrink wrap headquarters. Our knowledgeable and trained staff can help you determine what your next step should be. Our crews will travel to help you shrink wrap your items. Shrink wrapping is ideal for convenient and light packaging for transportation that will protect your equipment from damage. We offer a wide range of high quality shrink wrap materials for your specific needs. Waterproof, weatherproof, and even temperate controlled, our staff will help you choose the right material for your project.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap has experience shrink wrapping for a variety of industries and personal use. From military equipment to commercial projects and personal seasonal boat storage, we can shrink wrap anything.