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Boat Shrink Wrap Services

Shrink Wrap Equipment for TransportAs summer is coming to an end, Atlantic Shrink Wrap Inc. (ASI) understands the importance of protecting your boat when it is not in use. Shrink wrapping your boat is one of the best ways to protect your investment during any type of weather.

While hail, ice and snow will not be approaching for a few more months, shrink wrap protects your boat from any type of weather including effects of rain, snow, sun and wind. Our shrink wrap is state-of-the-art and is equipped with a UV shield and ventilation for optimal protection.

Unlike a tarp covering, shrink wrap ensures that your boat is protected for winter weather and long-term storage. Our shrink wrap service extends over the deck to channel water on to the ground and not into the boat’s cabin. We can also install a support structure that will withstand heavy leaves, snow and ice.

At ASI, we also offer a “Bullet Wrap” for boats that will be towed on the road. This method of shrink wrapping uses thicker, stronger shrink wrap to combat high winds from road towing to properly protect your boat.

Located in the sailboat capital of the world, Annapolis, Maryland, ASI has extensive experience shrink wrapping boats of all shapes and sizes. ASI works with a wide range of industries and is undoubtedly the most experienced shrink wrapping company. You can be at ease knowing your boat is being properly protected.

Particularly in the mid-Atlantic region, shrink wrapping boats is important for protection while the boat is not in use. A boat that is properly shrink wrapped will stay clean, dry and last significantly longer than a boat that has a tarp or no covering. ASI takes pride in having advanced experience and in offering the latest technology.

If you would like to protect your boat this winter or would like to learn more about our services, contact us today!