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New Clients (410) 376-7052

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Advantages of Shrink Wrapping with ASI

The average consumer may not think about how commercial products survive transport to and from overseas while remaining completely undamaged.  At Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc., that’s all we think about!  We work with a range of commercial and industrial clients to ensure their cargo is safely transported or stored with the protective covering of shrink wrap.

Shrink Wrap Capabilities

John Deere Combine Shrink WrapShrink wrap itself is an amazing product designed to help protect a variety of items against weather and dirt and debris during long term storage or transportation.  It can also conceal items that need to be kept out of view.

The process of shrink wrapping is where the expertise lies.  If an item is not properly prepared, and the shrink wrapping process is executed poorly, the shrink wrap covering itself will most likely fail.  ASI is proud to state that in 10 years of service, we have never had a shrink wrap cover fail.  We use only the best materials and shrink wrapping techniques to ensure expert installation.

ASI Shrink Wrapping Solutions

We have executed shrink wrapping solutions for large industrial companies such as John Deere, and the US military, as well as NASA and many other satisfied clients.  Check out our gallery of work and you will find our watermark proudly displayed on every photo because we only advertise our own work.

Have Shrink Wrap, Will Travel

ASI offers its expertise in shrink wrapping to clients around the world.  We are based in Annapolis, MD but will travel to far off destinations to meet our client’s needs.

Our Shrink Wrapping Services Include:

  • Military Shrink Wrapping
  • Energy Sector Projects
  • Aerospace & Aviation Shrink Wrap Service
  • Commercial/Industrial Shrink Wrap
  • Shrink Wrapping for Transportation
  • Marine & Boat Shrink Wrap
  • Shrink Wrap for Construction & Historic Preservation

Ready to get started? Just fill out our form and tell us about your project or give us a call (410) 376-7052.  We look forward to working for you.