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The Magic of Shrink Wrap

When you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an item, you want to take every precaution to protect your investment. Far too often the shipping process can create thousands of dollars of damage when an item is not packed correctly.

Shrink wrapping is the most viable choice for packing and shipping your most valuable equipment. There is nothing that cannot be shrink wrapped. The military have helicopters and other valuable equipment wrapped for safety in travel. Shrink wrap protects items from the elements, scratches, and dings. Shipping equipment such as jet engines, trains, ship cranes, and robotic machinery requires extreme protection. Shrink wrap provides that protection and saves on shipping cost because it does not add extra weight like a crate can.

Nuclear Power StationHow It Is Done at Atlantic Shrink Wrap

The shrink wrap process is a simple process. First the padding is applied to all corners of the item. This insures the items corners are protected from breakage. Next, they place a transition piece of plastic around the entire body of the item to create full coverage of the item.

Now that transition piece is in place, the item is lifted and the plastic is placed underneath the item and brought up to connect with the transition piece. Then, plastic is placed on the top of the item and brought down to connect with the top of the transition piece. A seal is created at the seams to connect all pieces together.

The final step is to take a propane blower and shrink the plastic wrap down to size. The seams, corners, top, and sides will all be treated for a firm, tight fit. The area around the lift logs will then be tapped and shrunk down.

Once the entire process is complete, the entire unit will be reinforced for ultimate protection. Now the item is safe, secure, and ready shipping. It will then be labeled and shipped to its destination.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap are the experts in shrink wrapping. They have a passion for making sure your items are packed and wrapped properly and will even travel to you for your project. Contact them for all of your shrink wrap needs.