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New Clients (410) 376-7052

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Atlantic Shrink Wrap Inc, or ASI, was founded by Christopher Grimm and Dustin Hoover in 2001. Over the past decade ASI has grown to become a leader in shrink wrap installation. While the process many not look very complicated to outsiders, only a reputable and experienced company can successfully install shrink wrap time and time again.

Nationwide and International Shrink Wrap Installation Professionals

The professionals who work for ASI are enthusiastic about the work that they perform. They feel that they get the chance to design and create things that otherwise may never have been created. They also enjoy defying the idea that something as simple as a plastic sheath is inherently weak. Instead, they prove to themselves every day that, when it is done correctly, shrink wrap can be extraordinarily strong and protect objects from the elements and the more dangerous forces of nature.  An understanding of the materials involved is necessary in order to understand how it will shape itself. Without this understanding, a protective cover that is both strong and reliable can not be achieved.

ASI has been involved in shrink wrapping some of the most technologically advanced and expensive equipment in existence. This includes helicopter flight simulators, military tanks, nuclear power station equipment, and even boats. Regardless of the scale of the project, however, the company aims to provide the same level of attention to detail.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap also has access to the latest in material science. The company has a great deal of shrink wrap available to them, and only materials provided by reputable companies are used by ASI. No matter what the size of the job, ASI can be expected to arrive on scene within a matter of days, even in international locations.

ASI has many clients throughout the United States and internationally. While the company has had several opportunities to become much larger, the owners have decided to keep the company small so that they can continue to meet the needs of every customer. Co-founders Christopher and Dustin continue to service clients old and new and take great pride in overseeing all projects, regardless of its scale.

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