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International Work

Do you have delicate or precious machinery that needs to be shrink wrapped and protected during the colder months of the year? If so, then you are probably in the process of looking for a reliable and experienced shrink wrapping company. Sometimes, depending on where you are located, it can be a real challenge to find a shrink wrapping company nearby that has the experience when it comes to professionally wrapping larger machinery and vehicles. Fortunately, no matter where you are located, you can rely on the experts at Atlantic Shrink Wrapping to assist you.

We just recently launched an international shrink wrapping service so that we can provide customers everywhere with quality shrink wrapping that they can trust, regardless of where they may be located. Our company has the resources necessary to serve a global customer base, which is something that not many shrink wrapping companies can claim. While we are based in Pasadena, Maryland, we have no reservations about coming straight to you with our services to ensure that you receive the quality shrink wrapping you deserve.

There are many different types of machinery and vehicles that we have specific experience with when it comes to shrink wrapping. Whether you need military vehicles covered, energy-related materials, aerospace machinery or vehicles, marine vehicles, regular transportation, or even historical materials preserved through shrink wrapping, we have got you covered–quite literally!

We also understand that many businesses these days are working under a tight budget. As such, we do our best to come up with a shrink wrapping package that will be affordable, no matter how big or small the budget may be. We also offer competitive pricing to ensure that we offer you the absolute best deal on the quality services that you need at any time of the year.

Overall, shrink wrapping services should not be trusted to just anybody. Make sure that you find the right people for the job and contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you. No matter where you are located, Atlantic Shrink Wrap can assist you with your shrink wrapping needs.

Shrink Wrap for Transport & Shipping

One of the reasons that people require shrink-wrapping is because of their need to ship or transport a piece of equipment. Shrink-wrapping can help prevent damage during transport, and it is important that the shrink-wrapping be done correctly if damage is to be prevented. In any given situation, long-term transit of shrink-wrapped objects results in exposure to many elements that can potentially ruin them. Sea transport means the items will be exposed to seawater, which can be damaging. Traveling on the road means that the objects can be damaged by ice and snow if done in the winter months.

One of the benefits of using Atlantic shrink wrap for transport purposes is that it can help keep the salt-laden air out and maintain the clean environment needed for the objects in transit to remain in pristine shape. Using tarps will not be helpful or useful in such an environment, though it is not uncommon to see trucking companies attempt to use tarp to keep these items protected. Unlike Atlantic shrink-wrap, grime and other kinds of contaminants, which can lead to corrosion, can penetrate tarp. In any case, the object that is kept under tarp during transport will be in worse shape when it reaches its destination, whereas the object that is properly shrink-wrapped will be preserved. Companies can save a great deal of money by shrink-wrapping overall, because they will not need to put any expenses toward restoration or repair of their item once the transport has been completed.

It doesn’t matter whether an item is being moved across an ocean or from Washington DC to Eastern Maryland, it needs the maximum protection, which can only be achieved via shrink-wrapping. There are many factors to consider before shrink-wrapping an item, but professionals will know how important it is to evaluate the kinds of weather conditions that the item will need protection from, ventilation needs, and the thickness of the plastic required for the best protection. By choosing Atlantic shrink-wrap for transport and shipping, it is possible to keep any large item or piece of equipment well sealed and safe.