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Types of Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrapping is an affordable alternative to crating and container storage. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc., located in Pasadena, Maryland, specializes in eco-friendly shrink wrap operations for sensitive materials such as military equipment and aircraft, boats, RVs, caravans, and even building interiors. ASI has earned a reputation for the safe covering and storage of valuable items that require complete protection from mold, mildew, and sunlight.

Specialized Film Resins For Wrapping And Storage

One of the most common problems associated with long-term storage of sensitive equipment is the intrusion of microbes, mold, or other organic compounds. This is of special concern when the item being stored or transported contains surfaces that could be damaged by moisture contaminated with unwanted microorganisms. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping has teamed with the world’s largest producer of shrink plastic films to develop an entirely mobile wrapping service.

The company recommends BioShrink shrink wrap to safely cover and protect items from air- or water-borne organic particulates. This tan-shaded wrap with its advanced antimicrobial coating virtually eliminates the possibility of mold and mildew growth on the inside, meaning that even the most sensitive equipment is kept 100 percent safe.

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping also provides complete protection for building interiors. Some construction projects are completed in phases, and the interior must be protected during intervals between installation and wall covering jobs. ASI uses premium quality UV protected BioShrink shrink wrap that seals out algae, mildew, and other airborne particulates that can cause damage to unfinished walls, ceilings, and floors.

The company also provides complete flame-retardant wrapping for sensitive equipment including commercial vehicles. The shrink wrap film used for these specialty storage projects meets NFPA 701 specifications for self-extinguishing.

Worldwide Mobile Service Available

All of the specialty shrink wraps used by ASI are transported by the supplier to the job site. The ASI teams arrives and completes the wrapping job in a timely manner. Over the past decade, ASI has been contracted to wrap and secure military aircraft, marine vessels, fleet vehicles, and even historic preservation sites undergoing phased refurbishing.

One of the great advantages of using specialty shrink wrap polyethylene film for transporting vehicles and equipment is the cost savings on freight charges. Bulky crates, pallets, or wood shipping containers are unnecessary, and the item is easily lifted and transported with only its film wrap as protection.