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Start a Project ASI goes International to Thailand

Atlantic Shrink Wrap expertise travels to Thailand | Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc.

Shrink wrap continues to be used in a variety of ways today- it is no longer just for covering your boat for the winter! Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. of Pasadena, MD has been an industry leader and has been a part of multiple projects involving a variety of applications in the use of shrink wrap.

Expanding beyond its traditional use as a weather resistant cover for boats and vehicles for seasonal protection and transportation. shrink wrap is being used in a variety of creative ways to facilitate preservation projects where protection from the elements is necessary to complete the project without damaging valuable property.

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping recently participated in a unique project in Thailand where they were involved in training the professionals from Yacht Solutions on how to install a shrink wrap “tent”. With the protection of a large, weather proof tent installed around a Superyacht, retrofitting projects and restoration can be accomplished in all conditions, thus keeping projects from stalling and taking longer than expected due to weather related delays.

A climate controlled environment is established beneath the shrink wrap tent where sensitive materials can be exposed for repair, painting and restoration.

The professionals of Atlantic Shrink Wrap were able to help Yacht Solutions find a way to create a safe, weather-proof work space for their growing Asia-based yacht refitting business.

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