Bell 222 Helicopter, New Jersey

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. was in Morristown, New Jersey on Jan 31st 2013 to shrink wrap a Bell 222 helicopter and related parts for over the road transport to Denver, Colorado. The helicopter was bought for parts and was not flight ready. ASI was hired to travel four hours from our home base of Annapolis, MD to insure the helicopter was protected from the harsh winter elements during its transport. Road salt is the biggest problem faced while transporting items in the winter. If the helicopter had been shipped without shrink wrapping it first, it would have arrived in Denver, Colorado covered in salt. The salt would not only cover the outside of the helicopter, but it would also get in every crack, hinge, door panel or any other opening or seam throughout the entire aircraft.

Many might not think that shrink wrap is necessary and that a tarp could do the same job. This is NOT true by any means. A tarp cannot form to an object as shrink wrap can. If the tarps move or flap in the wind during transport, it can easily damage the fragile skin or antennas of an aircraft. Tarps cannot stop the wet salt spray from the roads coming up under the trailer either. The trip would take the shrink wrapped helicopter from New Jersey, through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and finally arriving in Denver, Colorado. The helicopter would likely see ice, snow and lots of salt during its journey.

As you can see by the photo above, the aircraft was completely sealed and protected for it long trip. When the customer unwraps the helicopter in Denver, Colorado they will see a clean well cared for item that was purchased in shipped from so far away in New Jersey.

ASI looks forward to working with the company who hired us to make that trip to New Jersey and look forward to traveling to any other destinations where our professional shrink wrapping services are needed.