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Shrink Wrap is what we do. ASI teams have shrink wrapped items in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Puerto Rico and even Thailand. Why have we been hired to go so far from home? The answer is, because we have a proven record of professionalism and reliable work no matter how far we have to travel. We hope to expand our clientele along the gulf coast and southern east coast like Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia.

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. (ASI) is a full service “mobile” nationwide and international shrink wrapping company.

We have and will travel anywhere our services are needed. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, ASI has a great geographical advantage to access many of the ports along the Eastern United States as well as being close to international airports that can carry us to any location. Many military projects we do are in remote areas that are off the beaten path. This is not a problem for ASI, getting to these projects is just a part of what we love to do.

ASI’s main focus is shrink wrapping items for transport and long term storage. We have built a reputation that is trusted to wrap things like military tanks, helicopters and nuclear power equipment, as well as private industry needs; such as commercial and industrial equipment. In the past two years ASI has wrapped different items that together are worth more than 2 billion dollars. We are asked to do these projects because we have a proven track record, past customer support and a portfolio that we are not afraid to share with the world. Each and every photo you see in this website was a job done in full by ASI. You will see that all of our photos are watermarked with our logo, (this is because we have had a rash of competitors steal our photos for their own sites and claim the work as their own). ASI will only advertise our own work.

ASI understands that in order to build a strong company you must work closely with other strong companies. That’s why we have teamed up with the largest shrink wrap supplier in the world. Our supplier has millions of pounds of material on hand for shipping out at a moment’s notice. A single phone call can get materials packed up and shipped to a remote location to arrive ahead of our team. We then travel to the job site and complete the project.

ASI has saved numerous customers thousands of dollars by shrink wrapping items that might have been crated in the past. Crating has its place in the shipping world and that will never change, but shrink wrap is here to stay as well. Shrink wrap has some major advantages to traditional means of shipping. It adds only minimum weight so it saves on heavy lift charges and adds only minimum (if any) height, width and length to an item so it saves on total size charges. When an item can’t be lifted because it has a crate around it, shrink wrap saves the day again. Lifting and tie down point can be left exposed.

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