About Us

Welcome to Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc.’s website. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our services.

ASI was started in 2001 by Christopher Grimm and Dustin Hoover. The goal of Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. was then as it is now, to be the leader in the shrink wrapping installation industry. We have met that goal and continue to grow and learn each and every day. With the addition of our newest team member, Project Manager David Chapman, we feel we have a very bright future.

ASI team members are proud to be your “Nationwide and International Shrink Wrap Installation Professionals”

We are not just a local company, we are contracted to travel all over the country installing our protective shrink wrap covers. No task is too large or too far away for ASI.

In just these few past years ASI has been projected to the top of our field. The amount of growth our company has experienced along with the importance and difficulty of our projects is unmatched. We are routinely working for the different branches of the U.S Armed Forces and private companies. Anytime we are asked if we can do a job, the answer is yes. If we can’t do it, than it can’t be done, and our portfolio speak for itself. We do not cut corners and we pay extra special attention to detail. In the past three years alone ASI has been trusted with shrink wrapping equipment for the military and private global companies that have a combined net worth of over 3 billion dollars. We do not get asked to do these jobs because we are the lowest bidder but because we have a proven track record and past customer support.

Not just anyone can install shrink wrap, or at least not install it properly. There is an art and an understanding of how the plastic will form and just what procedures are necessary to insure a strong and reliable protective cover. This is where ASI shines.

We are young energetic professionals that love what we do and get excited about each and every project. It gives us the opportunity to design and build something that may have never been done. We look forward to the challenges that defy the basic thought that plastic sheathing is weak and can’t hold up to the forces of nature. We like to prove that it can, if done right.

Whether we are wrapping military tanks or helicopters, industrial machinery or nuclear power station equipment, ASI puts that same care and attention into each and every project.

Take some time to look around our website and see the many interesting projects we have been blessed to do, then contact us and let’s get started on your project today.

Very Best Regards,

ASI Team