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Commercial & Marine Shrink Wrapping Overlap

The winter marine shrink wrapping season is finally setting in and Atlantic Shrink Wrapping is in full gear trying to keep up with the stalls of Mother Nature and the high demand from our commercial clients.

11021473_691712077617564_2750925725147696628_oAtlantic Shrink Wrapping has grown to become one of the nations top commercial installers and that demand continues throughout the year. When the local marine season sets in, ASI hires on our marine shrink wrapping staff and gets back to where it all began with boats in Maryland. The fact is that “we don’t forget where we came from”.  We started in 2001 with a vision to become a leader in the shrink wrapping installation industry.  Today we are proud to serve an international clientele–from the U.S. military and government to private sectors all over the globe.

This season will prove to be especially challenging with both marine and commercial jobs overlapping. We have commercial projects planned in Maryland and Virginia at this time and the phone continues to ring. Many of our customers are shrink wrapping large or expensive equipment this time of year because of the damage that their cargo will receive if transported over salt covered roads throughout the US and Canada, while still others are protecting their valuable equipment from the same salt hazards from overseas shipping.

Whatever the case, ASI will be ready to take care of our customer’s needs all year long. So don’t let your boat or precious cargo get left out in the cold this winter, contact ASI for superior service and quality workmanship.

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The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping With ASI

Coast Guard 2At Atlantic Shrink Wrap in Annapolis, Maryland we understand the importance of protecting your investment and the many benefits of shrinking wrapping.  We have saved time and money for many of our clients who entrust us with their valuable investments.  From nuclear power plants to historic restorations, we provide service to many different industries that require protection of their materials for transport, storage, and restoration efforts.  We have, and will, travel far and wide to meet our client’s needs as an international mobile shrink wrapping service.

Important Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

Protection From the Environment

Weather can pose a great threat to sensitive materials and machinery.  When applied correctly, shrink wrap can protect precious materials from weather and other outside dangers including unwanted animals, bugs, debris and vandals.  Many of our long term storage projects consist of protecting building materials, and in some cases entire rooms, while under construction.

Protection During Travel

A shrink wrapped item fitted to its correct specifications should be able to withstand the rigors of travel.  Our shrink wrapped items have traveled by road, rail and sea without damage.  We have worked with several military institutions to conceal and protect sensitive materials such as helicopters and tanks during transportation.

For Safety Purposes

Atlantic Shrink Wrap utilizes flame retardant shrink wrap to reduce the risk of fire damage during storage and transportation.  This amazing technology possesses the ability to extinguish itself after the source of heat has been removed.  This gives the shrink wrapped item the ability to be stored around areas exposed to open flames in industries such as welding and steam fitting.

Eco Friendly Protection

Best of all, Atlantic Shrink Wrap offers a new technology in eco-friendly shrink wrap (BioShrink) to protect against microbes without harming natural surroundings.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap recognizes that each project is unique with its own set of factors to consider.  Providing the ultimate protection for our client’s investments during storage and travel is our highest priority.  Contact us to get your project started today.

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Shrink Wrapping For A Specialized Field


If you must protect expensive aviation or aerospace equipment during transit, you might possess familiarity with a Maryland-based firm, Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc (ASI). The company will visit your facility and prepare items for shipment in order to safeguard valuable equipment and technology. ASI also works to shrink wrap many other items for transit.a6-1

Why Shrink Wrap Matters

Today, a wide array of potential environmental and geopolitical problems potentially pose a hazard to valuable equipment. Companies, philanthropic organizations, educational institutions, private individuals and governmental agencies all encounter occasions when they must ship expensive equipment as freight. Ordinary packaging materials may not adequately protect some types of specialized products.

What types of hazards might shrink wrapping help you avoid? Just consider some of these threats to sensitive avionic equipment during the shipping process:

  • Debris and dirt encountered during transit;
  • Some types of jostling;
  • Rodents and insect activity;
  • Wildlife and bird damage;
  • Vandalism and graffitti;
  • Water damage.

If your firm does not maintain protocols for shipping some types of aviation and aerospace equipment, you run the risk of sustaining unnecessary damage. Using ASI can solve problems before they arise by preventing needless losses. Durable, water proof shrink wrap won’t safeguard a shipment from every potential hazard, but it does protect against some common threats to cargo.

Count on ASI

Depend on Atlantic Shrink Wrap to handle your valuable aviation and aerospace equipment with care. We also handle many other types of items that benefit from the extra protection shrink wrap provides to goods during transit. For example, use our services to prepare these types of items for transport:

  • Many types of industrial machinery;
  • Historic artifacts;
  • Some types of art work;
  • Building materials;
  • Some vehicles;
  • Engines and mechanical parts;
  • Some types of boats;
  • A wide array of specialized large products.

To find out whether ASI can assist you, call 410-376-7052 today! We travel to your job site.

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Protect Your Boat With Shrink Wrap

There are many reasons to shrink wrap your boat. Shrink wrapping your boat is one of the best things that you can do to protect it from harsh weather. Hail, ice, snow and rain can damage your boat. On the other hand, these things do not have any effect on the shrink wrap. Your boat will not suffer any damage if it has been properly shrink wrapped.

yachts covered for the winter

Keep in mind that extreme weather is one of the biggest threats to your boat. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can also cause damage to your boat. Shrink wrapping will provide your boat with ultraviolet ray protection.

A boat that is shrink wrapped will also last a lot longer than one that has not been shrink wrapped. You will be able to save money if you shrink wrap your boat. Because your boat will be protected from damage, it will be much less likely to need repairs.

Furthermore, you will be able to save time on getting your boat ready for the next season if you have it shrink wrapped. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your boat will be intact and ready for the next season.

If you are interested in protecting your investment and getting your boat shrink wrapped, then you will need to choose the right company. All shrink wrapping companies are not the same. At Atlanta Shrink Wrapping we take pride in our projects and offer the latest technology along with top notch customer service. We are based in Annapolis, Maryland, which is considered America’s sailing capital. We have a lot of experience in shrink wrapping boats of all shapes and sizes. Got questions about boat shrink wrapping?  Contact us today.

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The Magic of Shrink Wrap

When you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an item, you want to take every precaution to protect your investment. Far too often the shipping process can create thousands of dollars of damage when an item is not packed correctly.

Shrink wrapping is the most viable choice for packing and shipping your most valuable equipment. There is nothing that cannot be shrink wrapped. The military have helicopters and other valuable equipment wrapped for safety in travel. Shrink wrap protects items from the elements, scratches, and dings. Shipping equipment such as jet engines, trains, ship cranes, and robotic machinery requires extreme protection. Shrink wrap provides that protection and saves on shipping cost because it does not add extra weight like a crate can.

Nuclear Power Station3How It Is Done at Atlantic Shrink Wrap

The shrink wrap process is a simple process. First the padding is applied to all corners of the item. This insures the items corners are protected from breakage. Next, they place a transition piece of plastic around the entire body of the item to create full coverage of the item.

Now that transition piece is in place, the item is lifted and the plastic is placed underneath the item and brought up to connect with the transition piece. Then, plastic is placed on the top of the item and brought down to connect with the top of the transition piece. A seal is created at the seams to connect all pieces together.

The final step is to take a propane blower and shrink the plastic wrap down to size. The seams, corners, top, and sides will all be treated for a firm, tight fit. The area around the lift logs will then be tapped and shrunk down.

Once the entire process is complete, the entire unit will be reinforced for ultimate protection. Now the item is safe, secure, and ready shipping. It will then be labeled and shipped to its destination.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap are the experts in shrink wrapping. They have a passion for making sure your items are packed and wrapped properly and will even travel to you for your project. Contact them for all of your shrink wrap needs.

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Maintaining Military History With Shrink Wrap: Storing the F-15 Eagle

F15WaterAtlantic Shrink Wrap was awarded the privilege of helping the U.S. government preserve part of its military history for future use: shrink wrapping the F-15 Eagle. Originally designed by McDonnell-Douglas in the mid 1970’s, this aircraft continues to be a vital part of the Air Force arsenal today, having been flown in hundreds of successful missions.

After an arduous bidding process, the dedicated and highly experienced staff of Atlantic Shrink Wrap took on the task of preserving the aircraft for future use as a historical display at a Massachusetts base. The challenging project was both a business and personal honor for our staff, many of whom have close family members who are active or retired members of the military. Shrink wrapping an historic aircraft for several years of storage without damaging it was a testament to our expansive knowledge and experience in the process and artful skill of shrink wrapping gained through years of work on a wide range of projects, including military aircraft and vehicles of all types.

“Atlantic Shrink Wrap was able to pull knowledge from their many years of wrapping aircraft and aviation equipment to prove to the government that they could do it better , faster and cheaper than the governments request. And with no chance of damage to the aircraft.”
Dustin Hoover, Atlantic Shrink Wrap

F15water3We were humbled as we worked on site in Massachusetts, surrounded by many current members of the military as they went about their daily routines. Over the course of two days, three Atlantic Shrink Wrap employees used over 4,000 Sq Ft of shrink wrap to complete the project

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Choose Atlantic Shrink Wrap For Your Next Project

Atlantic Shrink Wrap Inc, or ASI, was founded by Christopher Grimm and Dustin Hoover in 2001. Over the past decade ASI has grown to become a leader in shrink wrap installation. While the process many not look very complicated to outsiders, only a reputable and experienced company can successfully install shrink wrap time and time again.

Nationwide and International Shrink Wrap Installation Professionals

The professionals who work for ASI are enthusiastic about the work that they perform. They feel that they get the chance to design and create things that otherwise may never have been created. They also enjoy defying the idea that something as simple as a plastic sheath is inherently weak. Instead, they prove to themselves every day that, when it is done correctly, shrink wrap can be extraordinarily strong and protect objects from the elements and the more dangerous forces of nature.  An understanding of the materials involved is necessary in order to understand how it will shape itself. Without this understanding, a protective cover that is both strong and reliable can not be achieved.

ASI has been involved in shrink wrapping some of the most technologically advanced and expensive equipment in existence. This includes helicopter flight simulators, military tanks, nuclear power station equipment, and even boats. Regardless of the scale of the project, however, the company aims to provide the same level of attention to detail.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap also has access to the latest in material science. The company has a great deal of shrink wrap available to them, and only materials provided by reputable companies are used by ASI. No matter what the size of the job, ASI can be expected to arrive on scene within a matter of days, even in international locations.

ASI has many clients throughout the United States and internationally. While the company has had several opportunities to become much larger, the owners have decided to keep the company small so that they can continue to meet the needs of every customer. Co-founders Christopher and Dustin continue to service clients old and new and take great pride in overseeing all projects, regardless of its scale.

To learn more about ASI visit our website to request more information.

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Shrink Wrap to Protect Your Investment

Whether you are shipping expensive goods and equipment or simply covering the family boat for winter, shrink wrapping is becoming the new standard. Covering an item with a polyethylene plastic is a cost-effective way to protect against the weather, and dust and debris when shipping or storing valuable goods. Shrink wrapping is often times preferable to crating items, since it can be heated and formed around larger or unusually shaped items that would otherwise add too much weight for crating.

Untitled5Atlantic Shrink Wrap in Annapolis, Maryland provides top quality shrink wrap services to protect items such as boats, commercial equipment, industrial products and materials, as well as military equipment. Delicate machinery and equipment on board helicopters, boats, and tanks, can become damaged and in need of extensive and expensive repair if they are left exposed to dust, sand, or water. Shrink wrapping allows the items to be more quickly returned to service after transport or storage.

Shrink wrapping can also be utilized to cover historic buildings during restoration work, and to protect homes undergoing construction due to remodeling work or rebuilding after fire or storm damage. In such instances the areas which are vulnerable to damage by the elements are covered, but entry and access points can remain open.

Beyond acting as a mere cover for the item, specialty shrink wraps serve to actively protect the item from particular threats. Atlantic Shrink Wrap offers corrosive inhibiting shrink wrap to provide an extra measure of protection that is especially recommended for delicate machinery. For items which are entering long term storage or will be exposed to the outdoors, the life span of the shrink wrap can be extended through the use of UV inhibitors and preservation tape.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap offers top notch quality work for their clients, and takes on projects for worldwide shipment whether large or small. Atlantic Shrink Wrap takes pride in helping clients protect their investments.

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ASI Wraps USS Constellation for Hull Restoration

The USS Constellation left its landmark slip in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in October to undergo a large renovation of its hull.  With the project now complete in dry-dock at the US Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, it is currently waiting out the wintery conditions on the Chesapeake Bay to return home.  Atlantic Shrink Wrap of Pasadena Maryland was selected for the task of installing the shrink wrapping needed for the historic ship’s 2 million dollar hull restoration.dr shrink_4B4A1470-9AE2-11E4-A56E02F426829E60

The project entailed the repair of extensive rot in the laminated hull planking that was installed during the 1996 – 1999 restoration.  This would also prevent the rot from spreading to the ship’s historic fabric. An enclosure was needed to provide protection and control the temperature of the work area from the middle of the ship to the hull while in dry dock.  Heavy ice and snow loads were anticipated to fall upon the project during the wintry months.  With this in mind, ASI first built scaffolding around the vessel to be used as the infrastructure for the shrink wrap while including ample room for hull repairs inside.  Installed in seven separate pieces, the shrink-wrapped cover was able to encase the unique shape of the vessel from bow to stern, including framed-out entrance areas for workers and materials.

ASI is honored to have been a part of the historic preservation of the USS Constellation–a National Historic Landmark. In addition to historic preservation, we also provide our unique services to energy, aerospace and aviation, transportation, and marine sectors. Previously, ASI completed a similar scaffolding project overseas involving the encasement of a 125ft yacht in need of a protected environment to undergo repairs in Bangkok Thailand.  ASI is also proud to work with branches of the US Armed Forces, Department of Defense and contractors or private companies who work with the military.





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Shrink wrapping is an art form

As a professional shrink wrapping business, Atlantic Shrink Wrap has had the opportunity to be a part of many unique projects from boats to military helicopters. But a recent project allowed the Pasadena, MD based company to stretch their imaginations and see the artistic application that shrink wrapping can have!

atl shrink 2As featured in this Core77 web article, Atlantic Shrink Wrap partnered with Brooklyn art studio SO-IL to create an installation in an old Brooklyn storefront as part of the exhibition Blueprint, curated by Sebastiaan Bremer and Florian Idenburg & Jing Liu of SO-IL.

Dustin Hoover traveled to NYC and worked with the curators of the exhibition to create a shrink wrap of the Art and Architecture storefront that highlights the structure in a unique way. The “blank canvas” that the white shrink wrap provides lends a stark contrast to the colorful, busy urban street corner that it occupies. It draws attention in both a conspicuous and inconspicuous way at the same time, creating the artistic rendering of being seen and behind the facade simultaneously.

The shrink wrap has slowly become integrated into the organic landscape as neighborhood graffiti artists put their mark on the blank canvas. atl shrink1
It is interesting to explore the many ways that a product or process can be utilized and expressed: taking a product used to seal and cover all types of machinery, vehicles and structures was able to be rendered as part of an artistic exhibition that asks both artists and architects to consider the root of their work and their own artistic expression.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap was honored to be a part of this exhibition which runs through March 21, 2015.

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