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Shrink Wrap Transport by Road, Rail or Sea

Have you ever seen a colossal white shape secured to a tractor trailer while driving along on the highway and wondered, what is that?  At Atlantic Shrink Wrap in Pasadena Maryland we provide shrink wrapping services for all types of oversized items in need of transport whether by road, rail, or sea.

Transporting oversized loads safely is a major logistical challenge. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc is an industry leading company that can offer some peace of mind for any business that ships large items over a long distance. Shrink wrapping is an effective method of completely sealing shipments from external elements faced during a journey by rail, boat and tractor trailer trucks. Highway roads are full of salt, grime, mud and dirt that can easily damage unprotected shipments.  Exposed items that are transported by ship can be damaged by salty water and even the moist air that is full of salty evaporation. Rail transport exposes unprotected shipments to dust, grime, pollen, smoke and other elements along the railroad tracks.

Traditional tarps do not offer effective protection for oversized items during transport. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc can properly shrink wrap any type of large load for long distance transportation. They provide service across the country for different branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, companies in the energy, aviation and aerospace sectors as well as commercial and industrial businesses.  Atlantic Shrink wrap services prepare freight shipments for safe and reliable movement through all major freight transportation methods. Buildings, construction equipment, vehicles, trailers and lumber are just some of the items that can be shrink wrapped.

The shrink wrapping process is relatively simple in practice, but it requires the expertise and knowledge of a company such as Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. The process begins by applying plastic polyethylene covers over an item. After the item is loosely covered with the plastic wrap, heat is applied to tightly seal and wrap the plastic over the item. Some shrink wrapping procedures require special requests to accommodate the needs of specific items. For example, holes may have to be left to transport heavy items by crane. Interior materials inside the shrink wrap may need to be installed to absorb moisture. The thickness of the plastic shrink wrap can also be varied to provide sufficient protection for oversize load shipments. Additionally, plastic shrink wrap blocks out UV radiation from the sun, unlike the traditional tarp.

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. (ASI) is a full service “mobile” nationwide and international shrink wrapping company. We are based outside of Annapolis Maryland, a great geographical advantage to access many of the ports along the Eastern United States as well as being close to international airports that can carry us to any location.


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Boat Shrink Wrapping Services

At Atlantic Shrink Wrap Inc. of Pasadena, Maryland we know the importance of protecting your boat during the winter months here in the Mid-Atlantic. While the temperatures are dropping in the sail boat capital of the world you want to consider sheltering your boat from the elements. Not only will your boat remain clean and dry, you will have peace of mind in protecting your investment for many years to come.

Shrink wrapping is the best way to protect any vessel from the effects of rain, snow, sun and wind. Unlike tarp covering a boat from the elements, shrink wrapping at ASI will ensure that your investment will be protected for winter storage. We can install a support structure to withstand heavy leaves, snow and ice. Our shrink wrapping extends over the deck and well down on the sides of a vessel, channelling water where it belongs, on to the ground and not into a boat’s cabin.

We use products that contain UV inhibitors to protect the vessel from sun damage that may contribute to fiberglass cracking and expensive repairs. We also use materials that maintain enough ventilation for protecting a boat’s interior during winter storage.

ASI offers a method of shrink wrapping for boats to be towed on the open road. “Bullet Wraps” are aerodynamic for wind resistance and use a thicker and stronger material to withstand high winds. Instead of being propped internally, Bullet Wraps use a strapping method to resist collapsing during transport at highway speeds.

Here at Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc., we have had the honor of working on marine projects for the U.S. Coast Guard and have the experience of providing shrink wrapping service for a wide range of businesses and industries from military tanks to nuclear power plant components.

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Shrink Wrap for the Energy Sector

At Atlantic Shrink Wrap, shrink wrapping has many uses and applications particularly in industries such as energy. Energy sector companies often use shrink wrapping procedures to protect containers and machines while they are being moved or stored. Shrink wrapping is convenient for energy companies because the shrink wrap material contracts to the shape it is around, whether it be a bulky device or an open container. When it contracts, it not only prevents the device or container from damage, but also keeps it clean.

No matter how large or oddly shaped an item is, shrink wrap can be used to protect it. These qualities are essential for the energy company’s choice in protection of their equipment, as energy companies require protection for a very wide assortment of parts, such as pieces of a nuclear power or electrical plant. Other common protective methods do not have the same convenient versatility that shrink wrapping provides.

Convenience and versatility are not the only benefits of shrink wrapping. The process is also environmentally beneficial for energy companies. Covering storage containers with shrink wrap keeps contaminants inside the container, preventing them from being released into the environment where they could be potentially harmful. Shrink wrapping of containers is an effective way to protect the local environment as it keeps the immediate area free of all pollutants and contaminants that might otherwise escape from the container. Atlantic Shrink Wrap provides a safe, convenient solution for protecting and transporting sensitive items for some of the nation’s top power generating companies and their contractors.

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Shrink Wrap Helicopter by ASI for Agusta Westland

This was an aviation project completed by Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. The helicopter was wrapped using 12 mil thick Flame Retardant Shrink Film. Custom doors were installed for access to the aircraft.

To learn more about this and Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. in Pasadena, Maryland, please click here!

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Nuclear Power Station

Many might wonder what Atlantic shrink wrap, and a nuclear power station might have in common. Atlantic Shrink Wrap (ASI) is a company out of Pasadena, Maryland that can use shrink wrap to cover nuclear waste containers and other items like industrial machinery, military tanks, and helicopters. ASI has a team of specialized workers that understand how items have to be covered, wrapped, and contained. They also understand how to keep water from pooling on top of the shrink wrap when there are uneven surfaces. This means that their job is not as easy as it may seem.

One of the biggest projects that ASI has worked on in recent history is a 95 ft. long steel machine that weighed over 120,000 pounds located in Virginia. After the machine was separated into hauling sized pieces for transport, the ASI crew covered both pieces and helped prepare the machine for transport to Louisiana. The shrink wrap performed flawlessly at speeds up to 50 mph. The entire trip was more than 900 miles, and both pieces made it with shrink wrapintact.

The expert staff at ASI have covered a Bell helicopter and nuclear storage containers with the same success as the steel machine in VA. Another mission for ASI was to shrink wrap support items for the Antares rocket fuel system that was being sent to the International Space Station (ISS). ASI used 12 mil shrink wrap that was flame retardant to complete the job on time for liftoff. ASI has even covered a Tiger Shark ship that was contained in a scaffolding for the United States Coast Guard. All of their projects have been successful, and they have shown that nuclear waste and sensitive items can be contained with proper shrink wrapping techniques and a skilled set of workers.

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Scientific Cryostat

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. was created by Dustin Hoover and Christopher Grimm in 2001. The goal was to create a shrink wrapping installation company that would be a leader in the industry. Their company offers an array of shrink wrapping services that are listed and detailed on their website. ASI saw a key moment in the evolution of their company when they were asked to complete shrink wrapping on a huge and delicate scientific instrument from Brookhaven National Laboratories. The instrument was a scientific cryostat, and it needed to be prepped for shipment by truck and barge.

Before seeking help from ASI, Brookhaven National Laboratories had asked a Florida-based shrink wrap company to do the job, but only eleven days before the scientific cryostat was to be transported, the Florida company backed out. ASI was ecstatic when they got the call for the job after this happened. They were eager to get the job done right and sent a crew from Maryland to New York to get to work.

The first step required taking the large instrument from the Brookhaven National Laboratories building. It had a diameter of over fifty feet. The main goal of the project was to protect the instrument from sea spray that would contain salt during the trip overseers on the barge. The gauges and pumps at the front of the unit were most sensitive and needed the most protection. To achieve this goal, the ASI experts installed padding before shrink wrapping the most sensitive areas. In the end, both the experts at the lab and the shipping company were very impressed by the entire operation. It was a great project for ASI to be a part of.

For more information about Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. in Pasadena, Maryland, check out the website. There, you will find a list of top services, featured projects and more.

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Can roof skylights be shrink-wrapped to stop leaks?


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Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc.

If you ask Dustin Hoover, Lead Shrink Wrap Designer from Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. of Pasadena, MD the answer is yes, that most skylights can be shrink-wrapped depending on the base that they are mounted on. This is a common solution to temporarily stop leaks. Due to the many different climates that rooftop skylights will face, it is difficult to say how long the plastic can be guaranteed. However, if the proper materials and installation methods are used shrink wrapped skylights can be reliable for several years with minor maintenance from time to time.

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. was recently called by a major airport contractor in Philadelphia, PA to inquire about shrink-wrapping leaking skylights at the Philadelphia International Airport. The skylights are scheduled to be completely replace in the coming year but needed to be covered to prevent further leaking and potential damage to the inside of the building while awaiting replacement.

ASI President and Lead Designer met with the contracting company for the airport in Philadelphia and preformed an evaluation of the structures and how shrink-wrapping them could best benefit the situation. A detailed proposal was written and presented to the contracting company and ultimately approved. ASI was contracted to perform the shrink-wrap installation on seven (7) individual skylights in three working days. The work was scheduled in less than two weeks from the meeting date.

Many logistical obstacles needed to be overcome before the tight start day approached. Security at the airport was very tight, as you would expect. ASI crew members were cleared through a security background check and escorted onto the airport runway to the job site. A three-man crew, consisting of ASI’s top installers was chosen for the project. Time was going to be very tight to get things done ahead of schedule. Some of the work would have to be performed at night due to runway and cargo lanes beneath the work area.

Safety was the number one concern for all on the rooftop and below the roof. We were working on top of active airport terminals and next to moving and running commercial jet aircraft. Even with the mild winds during the installation time, ASI crew had to be 100% certain that no foreign object debris or (FOD) could possibly come off the roof and interfere with the aircraft or airport operations.

The installation went exactly as planned and ASI was not only able to get ahead of schedule but finished the project a full day early saving all involved companies many man hours and money.

The skylights will now be monitored throughout the time they are covered by the owners and inspection reports will be sent to ASI for evaluation. Any problems with the shrink-wrapping reported will be immediately addresses by ASI’s support and maintenance division.

Another job well done by Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc.

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How Shrink Wrapping Helped a Bell 222 Helicopter Go From New Jersey to Colorado

A company recently needed to move a Bell 222 helicopter from New Jersey to Colorado in the middle of the winter. The company had considered traditional options for protection like a tarp. The final decision was to shrink wrap the helicopter for transport. The company contacted Atlantic Shrink Wrapping in Pasadena, Maryland to help with the job. The shrink wrapping was very effective in several ways.

Protect the Skin

The skin of the helicopter is designed to be durable during normal flight and storage conditions. It is not designed to handle the rigors of a cross-country trip down roads and highways. The thick shrink wrapping provided an effective barrier that stopped debris and winter road salt from chipping or damaging the skin of the helicopter.

Secure Parts in Place

Although the blades were removed, there were still moving parts present on the Bell 222 helicopter. The shrink wrapping helped to keep everything stable and in place for the long trip to Colorado. The wrapping was form fitted to the helicopter so that parts like the doors could not move and open suddenly because of the vibrations from traveling.

Keep Internal Parts Safe

The reality is that tarps and other coverings would leave the helicopter vulnerable to road salt and debris during the trip. The particles of salt could easily spray up and enter the helicopter through the doors, exhaust or other openings. The shrink wrapping surrounded the entire helicopter. This prevented any salt or debris from getting inside and damaging internal components.

Minimal Cleaning and Maintenance after Arrival

The shrink wrapping from Pasadena, Maryland used by Atlantic Shrink Wrapping created a seal around the helicopter. This seal prevented normal dirt, grime and weather from making the outside dirty. This means the helicopter required minimal cleaning and maintenance after it was unwrapped by the owners in Colorado.

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Types Of Shrink Wrap Services Offered By Atlanta Shrink Wrap

There is more than just one way to shrink wrap products for shipping, storage efficiency and transport. Given the diverse array of goods that companies must have processed in this fashion, it is important to ensure that wrapping technologies and materials are flexible enough to meet a broad range of needs. Thanks to the latest innovations in these processes, there are now four shrink wrap options offered by Atlanta Shrink Wrap for meeting the requirements of various industries and the goals of individual businesses.

Eco-Friendly Shrink Wrap

Green technology is being used to encase products in wrap that is capable of keeping out harmful microbes that could degrade the quality and usability of these goods. This is the ideal way to store items that are susceptible to damage from foreign microbes. Best of all, this option is better for the environment than standard shrink wrap materials.

UV-Protected Shrink Wrap For Construction Projects

UV protected shrink wrap can be used to protect construction materials when these are left out in the elements. They are resistant to mold, mildew, algae and bacteria. They also provide adequate UV protection. For building and development companies, this can be the most cost-effective way to ensure the continued usability of these goods, by eliminating the risks associated with exposure.

Flame Retardant Options In Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap materials often need to be sufficient for use in hazardous environments. Flame retardant shrink wrap options are safer and more cost-efficient than using standard shrink wrap technologies, but these can also be required in certain industries. The latest products are designed to be up to 12 full millimeters thick and are often used solely for this thickness and the extra measure of product protection they supply.

Enhanced Solutions In Shrink Wrap

Ensuring that products arrive rust-free after extensive shipping processes is currently much easier. Companies can now rely on enhanced options in shrink wrap that have volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs). For long-term use, the addition of UV protection is still possible and thus, companies can get a comprehensive array of benefits from these options.

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U.S. Coast Guard Shrink Wrapping Services

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping is a company that is located in Pasadena, Maryland. Shrink wrap is a type of polyethylene plastic wrap that is designed to shrink when it is exposed to heat. It has many different applications. It can be used for sealing products and bags, construction applications and food services.

When heat is applied to shrink wrap, it will shrink and form a tight seal with what it is secured to or wrapped around. The plastic is made stronger through the process of shrinking. If is installed properly, then it will be able to withstand weather as well as other elements.

Shrink wrapping can be used to conceal or cover items, provide protection from debris and dirt, protect against the weather and protect long and short-term storage. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping is proud to help the women and men who fight for this country. They recently produced a shrink wrap for the 100 Foot Long Cutter Tiger Shark.
The United States Coast Guard had to have their ship in a controlled environment for the purpose of painting the ship and water blasting during the coldest days of the year.

Thanks to Atlantic Shrink Wrapping’s experience with shrink wrapping scaffolding, they were awarded a major contract to shrink wrap and erect a scaffold building around the United States Coast Guard Cutter named Tiger Shark. The building was 105 feet long, 40 feet tall and 40 feet wide. It is estimated that 16,000 square feet of shrink wrap material was used as a cover for the scaffolding.

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping’s crew put in an 18 hour shift in order to ensure that the shrink wrapping was done right. The coast guard also work hard to double check everything. This building was a major success for the yard. It was used for six long weeks before it was disassembled.

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