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US Coast Guard

U.S Coast Guard Shrink Wrap for the 100 Ft. Long Cutter “Tiger Shark”


The U.S Coast Guard needed to have their ship in a controlled environment for the purpose of water blasting and painting the ship in the dead of winter.

Due to Atlantic Shrink Wraps experience shrink wrapping scaffolding, we were awarded a major contract to erect and shrink wrap a scaffold temporary building around the U.S Coast Guard Cutter “Tiger Shark”. The building was 40 Ft. tall, 105 Ft. long and 40 Ft. wide. A total of over 16,000 Sq.Ft of material was used to cover the scaffolding.


Once the ship was pulled from the water the mast had to be removed before work on the scaffolding could begin. ASI and their choice of local scaffolding contractor designed and planned out the custom building prior to the bid.


We only had 4 days to get the scaffolding erected before shrink wrap could begin and we were only given 2 days to completely wrap the large building.


ASI crew worked side by side with the scaffolding company so that the shrink wrap could be installed in the least amount of time but with the most precision .


Above is Atlantic Shrink Wraps Vice President Dustin Hoover, high atop the roof trusses of the 40 Ft. tall scaffolding.


The first piece of shrink wrap was installed in less than favorable wind conditions as seen above. Time to complete the project was very tight so the crew had no choice but to fight Mother Nature and get things accomplished.



ASI President Chris Grimm and Project Manager Dave Chapman work to shrink the first wall before the end of the day.


Day two of wrapping continues with additional side pieces being installed while the scaffolding crew tries to get the roof ready for the final push to finish on time.


The weather was not cooperating again as the winds began to increase. Our only option was to work into the night when the winds were calmer.


Our crew put in a 18.5 hour shift that day to make sure thing were done, then returned the next day while the coast guard was hard at work to double check everything. The winds were blowing over 30 mph as you can see a blue tarp bellowing in the wind in the picture above.

The building has been a huge success for the yard. Just after we finished the building, the area experienced some of the lowest temperatures of the year. These low temps would have halted work for weeks at the yard. The building was used for 6 long cold weeks and then disassembled to allow the ship to be completed and put back into service.


Atlantic Shrink Wrap is proud to do our part to help the men and women of the United States Armed Forces as we were able to do on this project. God Bless Our Troops.